LAS VEGAS 09-Dec-09 — You may have seen that holiday commercial on TV, the one where a woman is slaving over an oven hoping to please the soon to arrive in-laws. Expecting a joyful reunion, she's met at the door by an indifferent family who proceed to use her as a coat rack. A commercial made by a small, conservative company? No, the entity behind this particular television commercial is none other than Target, that savvy and ultra-hip retailer. This TV spot can be seen here: or search for "Erin" and "Target."

Target is not alone. Commercials for many products, including McCormick’s, Pam and Tide, rely on the same tactics. They subjugate women to subsidiary roles that belie their achievements. A man is infrequently, if ever, shown to do housework. Given the growing power of women in this nation, that's a shame indeed. Michael Tchong, a trend analyst at Ubercool Innovation, has just identified an Ubertrend that documents the rapid climb women have made over the past few centuries, called the “Woman's Acceptance Factor,” published at

Women now make up 71 million of the U.S. workforce, equal to 49.9% of total workers employed. Their purchase influence now reaches $4.3 trillion at home and another $1.5 trillion at work. But juggling responsibilities at both work and home have made more than half, 51%, unhappy with the division of labor at home. Ad agencies, who often lead the nation with their forward-looking insights on consumer culture, should heed these statistics and produce advertising that portrays American women in a more positive light.

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