Croes Wever Tchong is a well-established and reputable legal firm whose partners have a remarkable and longstanding record of providing high-quality legal services in Aruba.

Our History

Established in 1970 as “Croes & Wever,” Croes Wever Tchong is the longest standing partnership under the jurisdiction of the Common Court of Appeals of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. Croes Wever Tchong offers a wide spectrum of quality legal services to its corporate and private clients in Aruba as well as on all continents, including North America, Europe and Latin America.

Croes Wever Tchong’s main goal is to provide clients with high quality and expeditious professional services. The firm is well established in the Aruba community and serves a vast array of clients active in such sectors as utilities, construction, oil refinery and trading, international banking and collection, offshore transactions, trademarks and inheritance. In addition, Croes Wever Tchong has offered expert counsel in the field of domestic and international taxation since 1995.


Business Law

• Business Formation
• Corporate Law & Taxes
• Intellectual Property
• Joint Ventures
• Labor Law
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Securities

Criminal Law

• Arbitration
• Civil Law
• Economic Crimes
• Insolvency
• Litigation
• Malpractice
• Trust Litigation

Finance & Taxation

• Asset Protection
• Casino Drop Tax
• Corporate Tax
• Custom Duties
• Dividend Withholding
• Domestic Taxation
• Estate & Tax Planning
• Excise Collection
• Foreign Exchange
• International Taxation
• Personal Taxes
• Property Taxes
• Room Taxes
• Tax Court of Appeals Litigation
• Succession Taxes
• Transfer Taxes
• Wage Taxes

Practice Areas

• Administrative Law
• Aviation
• Banking
• Construction
• Family Law
• Finance
• Gaming
• Insurance
• Leasing
• Maritime
• Oil & Gas
• Real Estate
• Telecommunications
• Timeshare Law
• Tourism

Our Team

Hendrik Croes

Hendrik would be the most senior lawyer in Aruba if not for his nearly 10-year tenure in public office.

Rudy Wever

While senior partner Rudy passed away in February 2007, his passion and indefatigable spirit lives on today.

John Tchong

As a government advisor, John co-authored a new fiscal framework legislation that meets OECD guidelines.

Iris Giesen

Iris is an expert barrister with extensive experience in all things lawyerly.

Evelyn Wever

Evelyn is a worldly legal eagle with extensive experience in all things lawyerly.

Anthony Ruiz

Anthony is a worldly legal eagle with extensive experience in all things lawyerly.

Aruba: Innovative Corporate Climate.

Economic Initiative

The economy of Aruba is 70% dependent on the tourism industry. Diversifying the economy and reducing Aruba’s reliance on a single sector is the Government’s long-term strategic goal. Aruba is actively developing a knowledge economy to bring about greater diversification, economic stability, growth and sustainability. Aruba’s economic initiative is to create a gateway between Latin America and the European Union, focusing on such sectors as green technology, business support services and creative industries.

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